Back Pain Treatment Options

Back Pain

From sitting all day in front of a desk to bad falls, there are so many reasons people deal with back pain. Most chronic cases of back pain are the result of something as simple as poor posture. Most people don’t realize they have poor posture, despite sitting hunched over their desks all day. While you could pop another pain reliever, that’s not going to fix the underlying problem. Here in Amarillo, TX, our medical clinic Dr. Damon Cross has worked with countless patients dealing with acute and chronic back pain. Through spinal manipulation, massage therapy, exercises, and posture training, we can alleviate your back pain while improving your musculoskeletal function as a whole.

Diagnosing Back Pain

For us to fully understand how to treat your back pain, we first need to figure out what’s causing your pain. After all, there is a wide range of injuries, conditions, and diseases that can result in back pain, and it’s up to us to figure out what it is so that we know how to best treat it. To diagnose your back pain, we will need to perform a comprehensive physical examination to see firsthand which areas of the body are causing you the most problems. We will look for limited mobility, sites of pain and inflammation, and even test the nerves and reflexes. By examining your posture and how you move we can also determine whether the spine might be out of alignment.

In some cases, Dr. Cross may recommend imaging or lab tests to help provide a diagnosis, particularly if other symptoms could be warning signs of an underlying disease or disorder. We must take everything into account before providing you with an individualized treatment plan to combat your back pain. Once we know what’s going on, then we can treat it!

Treating Back Pain, Medical-Style

Wondering how we can ease and alleviate your back pain? One of the best methods we have for targeting back pain is spinal manipulation therapy, which helps restore proper alignment, movement, and mobility into the spine through manual manipulation or specialized instruments.

Along with spinal manipulation, manual therapies will often be employed. Some commonly used manual therapies include massage therapy, soft tissue therapy, and trigger point therapy. Each therapy offers its own type of relief from tense sore muscles, painful trigger points, or muscle spasms. We can determine the right manual therapy for you based on your reported symptoms.

We understand just how much back pain can control your daily routine.
If you are dealing with back pain that makes it difficult to work out, work, or even enjoy the activities you once loved, it’s time to seek treatment. Call Midtown Medical & Wellness Center at (806) 379-8004 to schedule an appointment.

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